Christmas Party

Join us to celebrate one of the most festive moments of the year! IFW Christmas Party is already a mark in our community! Everyone is invited...members and nonmembers. So bring your family and friends and enjoy this special day!

Sales Points:

by email - or with one of our Board Members.

Also at the IFW events below:

14/11 - 11am to 1pm - at Warm Love meeting at Smacznego Konstancin

16/11 - 20hr - Thai Cooking Class

21/11 - 11am to 1pm at Warm Love, at La Civetta Restaurant

24/11 - 11am to 1pm at Fashion Workshop, at Wilanow Culture Center

26/11 - 10am to 12pm at Coffee Morning, at Wilanow Culture Center

28/11 - 11am to 1pm at Warm Love, at Smacznego Konstancin

01/12 - 17:15 to 18:15hr at Ice Skating at Torwar

05/12 - 11am to 1pm at Warm Love at La Civetta

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